Hello people of PLK CKY School! Welcome to our official CKYENEWS Blog! This blog is designed by the students of Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School’s Newspaper Club. We cover the latest school news and updates at CKY School, current activities, competitions, interviews, product reviews, fascinating comics and all sorts of other interesting stuff!

The CKY Newspaper Club was established in the school year 2009-10. This year the format has changed to a website to be environmentally friendly and use technology more conveniently. Furthermore, all the articles and reports will be done by the students in the CKY newspaper club!

Remember to always check our updates and we hope you will enjoy reading our CKYeNews Blog! Thank you~


Managers: Mr. A.J. Chetter, Mr Sam Nicolson

Students: Regina Chen (7F), Vickie Tang (7A), Hosea Lau (7F), John Suen (7F),  Marie Law (6F), Victoria Wong (6C), Anson Li (6C), Gordon Cheung (8E)

Regina Chen